About Bruce

Born in Toronto, Canada and a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Bruce Thomas has been a practising visual artist and art instructor for over forty five years. Elements from his background and experience which impacted his development as an artist and his work:

Artists Statement

Intense images filter through my interactions with people, places and the discoveries experienced within life's events. The eventual outcome of this process creates an intensified variety of work using techniques that run the gamut from detailed to minimal variations. Strength of drawing and composition is the foundation of all the work. In the application of mediums I utilize a variety of tools. It is of great importance that the viewer uses my expressions for their individual creative response to my interpretive reality.

I explore a variety of painting/drawing mediums in my endeavour to create a diversity of approaches and themes in the work. My work is based on landscape, figurative and aviation themes. Visual interpretations resolve around mediums and grounds that the images suggest.

I have always been influenced by the wider aspect of the visual and subsequent design and details that create the environment. In particular my work has been impacted by:


Bruce is represented, in New York City, by the Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York,
Tel. (212) 226-4151

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